Arts, Music and Performing Arts

Robin Hood offers a dynamic combination of performance art, visual arts and music. Campers can express their creativity under the guidance of our expert staff through camp staples like drawing, bead-making and drama and more unique offerings like percussion and comedy. Campers with the flair for the dramatic are encouraged to join us for the final weeks of camp to participate in our end of season Nottingham Fair Show musical.

Art offerings include:

Dance: We offer primarily hip hop and contemporary dance instruction.
• Ballet is available upon request.

Drama: We offer acting instruction with performance opportunities.

Singing: Lessons, performance opportunities, and casual singing are all part of the Robin Hood program.

Guitar: We offer acoustic, electric, and bass instrument instruction.

Percussion: Drums and bongos instruction are offered.

Piano and Keyboard: Piano and Keyboard lessons are offered as well as performance opportunities.

Art: We offer drawing, watercolor art and cartooning.

Arts and Crafts: Bead and bracelet making; jewelry making; shirt tie-dyeing; and baking are all part of the Arts and Crafts program.

Improvisational Comedy: Improvisational Comedy is offered most summers.


H 35° : L 25°