Message from Rick Littlefield

Topping the list of memorable moments of RH 2018 has to be the morning roundup marriage proposal by Jon Pelz to Hayley Sperring. The camp erupted as it became clear what Jon was up to. Congratulations to Jon & Hayley. I will also remember the inspiring singing performances of Alva and Arthur Fink, Carlos “Santana” Morales’ behind the head guitar riffs, the voices of Mitch Hunt, Tabitha Ley-Smith and Hayley Morgan, Leland Fraser’s legendary hair flip at the dances, 200 campers completing the 8.2 miles Around the Lake Challenge, 32 campers completing the grueling 13 hour Bagaduce River Canoe Challenge, more than 125 completing the Across the Lake Swim, 10 campers completing the Biathlon Across the Lake Swim and Around the Lake Run. Etched in my mind are the presence of World Champion Brazilian Wakesurfer Anne Prochaska, Champion Nghia Tran, Harvard Squash Coach Hameed Ahmed, World Champion Wakeboarder Dean Lavelle, Tennis Pro Arpan Trivedi, Soccer Coach Bruce Groshong, the inspiring energy of Archery champion Paulina Vazquez, and the photography and videography talents Dani Valle and Harvey Woods. My apologies to the other 450 people not mentioned.

Now on to 2019! Almost 200 campers are already enrolled. Come join them!

–Rick Littlefield



H 35° : L 25°