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My father, Frederic B. Littlefield, founded and directed Robin Hood 1928 until 1985. He was a well-respected visionary and leader in traditional boys camping. His belief in exposing American city children to nature as an integral part of a child’s education and teaching them character and integrity still resonate loudly today at Robin Hood. He was very much my mentor and I can still hear his voice in my ear today, 20 plus years after he has passed away.

My Robin Hood career began in 1960 as a seven-year-old camper. I took over as Head Director in 1985 and have been at the helm ever since. Ninety-six years of Littlefield leadership continuity has helped us to evolve a clear, precise vision about what a quality camp should look like and aspire to be in this current day and age.

Over thirty years ago I transitioned RH from an all boys camp to a co-ed camp. This decision impacted profound changes but many Robin Hood traditions still remain intact from 1928, such as the camp uniform requirement, an admissions policy to carefully screen each camper, the singing of our original camp songs, the Green-Scarlet color war tradition, and all of the traditions for our Nottingham Fair Day at the end of the season.

One vision has been to bring campers from every corner of the world to create a dynamic, diverse world community where Americans can be exposed to many different cultural perspectives and foreign children can be exposed to the American sense of fun and openness while improving English speaking fluency.

Another vision has been to transform a traditional to a camp where the quality of sports and activities teaching is unmatched in camping. Out of the 35 sports and activities offered, often 10 to 12 activities are taught to a world-class level.

I encourage you to browse our website to learn why Robin Hood has earned the reputation for being perhaps the most dynamic children’s camp of its type in the world.

Director Rick Littlefield


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