Europe Travel Highlights – Part 1

The highlight of my year, outside of camp season, is seeing campers in their homes. What a pleasure it was to begin my London trip with seeing Alexander and India Campbell in London!

In Paris, I was fortunate to see famous Chess Master Andres Blanco who is bringing brother Roman to camp. Showing up at Clement Cretien’s home and seeing him proudly wearing his white RH hoodie put a big smile on my face. I look forward to handing Clement his five year red hoodie this summer! Seeing Jonas Sadock and meeting with his brother Mathias was a pleasure as was seeing the increasingly taller and freckle-faced Raphael Saltiel.

Rick Littlefield's new friend in Zermatt.

Rick Littlefield’s new friend in Zermatt.

In Zermatt, two days of skiing the spectacular slopes in perfect spring skiing conditions was an enjoyable respite from my travel schedule. Check out the picture of my new canine best friend Hugo, a St. Bernard Mountain Rescue Dog.

Two generations of Robin Hooders! Marie and father Albert Mathieu at their home in Zurich.

Two generations of Robin Hooders! Marie and father Albert Mathieu at their home in Zurich.

In Zurich, I saw Marie Mathieu who moved from Brussels to Zurich this year. Marie’s goofy antics and personality charmed me at camp last summer. And also in Zurich I had had the pleasure of visiting the always enthusiastic and smiling Venezia Stene-Nyholm.

In Geneva I had a lovely dinner with Charlotte, Rudy, and Zoe Perez. I enjoyed visiting the enthusiast LouLu Ojjeh at her beautiful lakeside home and also dropping by the Geneva office of Nelson Hibner, the father of Natasha and Jacqueline Hibner. In Geneva I also had the pleasure to visit to the countryside home of Henrietta and Tatiana Buchanan-Michaelson, whose parents delighted me with a garden tea and pastries party.

In Gstaad, I visited Alexis d’Hendecdourt and younger brother Victor who introduced RH to friends attending the JFK International School in Saanen.

I look forward to sharing highlights from Spain, Italy and Monaco!

-Rick Littlefield

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