The Greens Take the 2014 Summer!

Archery contest

The 2014 archery contest

Robin Hood is truly a green/scarlet wonderland this week, as half of the trees on the lake and around the cabins have turned bright autumn colors and the rest remain evergreen. You could say the color competition continues, even in the absence of campers!

This brings us to our annual report on which team won the year.

It was a very tight race:

Halfway through July it looked like the Scarlets would win our annual Green-Scarlet contest for the second year in a row but the Greens dominated in stripe points, team contests, and also won Nottingham Fair Day to claim the prize for the summer of 2014.

Congratulations are due to both teams for their positive leadership and good sportsmanship.

  • Greens were led by: Captains Jacob Noddin and Rosemary Loer; Sr. Lieutenants Josh Cornelius and Catherine Khatsenkova; Middler Lieutenants Emi Valedon and Ichiro Miyasaka; and Jr. Lieutenants Elysee Barakett and Sebastian Samadi.
  • Scarlets were led by: Captains Oliver Wronski and Gabriella Masso; Sr. Lieutenants Anna Pitts and Antonio Pardo; Middler Lieutenants Charlotte Jones and Jonathan Mong; and Jr. Lieutenant Sophia Arnaboldi.

    Sophia and Eliza in the Nottingham Fair Play

    Sophia and Eliza in the Nottingham Fair Play

The win was particularly significant, in terms of camp history.

After 87 seasons, the Greens have claimed the title for 44 summers, while the Scarlets hold 43. Let’s see if the Scarlets can even the score in 2015! A future question is who will win “the century,” once Robin Hood turns 100 in 2028! Will it be a 50/50 split, or are the Greens starting to pull ahead?

Launching the candleboats with love.

Launching the candleboats with love.

Nottingham Fair fireworks!

Nottingham Fair fireworks!

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