Update: What’s New for Summer 2018

Normally our “what’s new for next summer” article is strictly an inventory of new toys for campers to anticipate. This year we are also excited about some special events days we know you will enjoy:

Backwards Day (Week 2): Start the day with the Goodnight Song, followed by campfire, dinner, swim/shower, activity periods, rest hour, lunch, interests, morning roundup and lastly, breakfast. Wear your uniform backwards, walk around camp backwards!

The new Robin Hood Renaissance Fair will include a Muay Thai tournament and many other, new tournaments!

The Robin Hood Renaissance Fair (Week 3): Tournaments in jousting, sword fighting, log rolling, archery, Muay Thai, swimming, running and fishing contests, a royal banquet where we eat only with hands, court jesters, jugglers, gymnasts, dancers, singers, artists, best costume awards, chess tournament, medieval table tennis tournament (contestants make their own paddles). All this followed by a themed dance.

We are purchasing new golf clubs for next summer.

The New Toys:

For the coming summer we will purchase another waterski boat and build a new waterski dock, add more stand up paddle boards, build a designated fishing dock, expand and re-pave our basketball court, improve our four-square courts, add a new fire pit for s’mores on campfire beach and purchase new golf clubs, more canoes and ocean kayaks.

Campers will have many more opportunities for ocean kayaking next summer.

Improvements to camp property:

We created a new beach and picnic area by the lake between campfire benches and Davis Lodge and landscaped the waterfront.

Oceanside trips program is expanding to include:

Sailing day trips and picnics to Pond Island using our Hobie Cats, Lasers and 420s (weeks 2 and 7, weather-dependent).

An Ocean Kayak & Canoe Day picnic trip to Pond Island (once during the first 3 weeks and once during last 3 weeks).

Ocean Canoe & Kayak Expedition to Bucks Harbor, including lunch.

Ocean swimming in Eggemoggin Reach off the ocean dock beach.

One night ocean cruise campout to Warren Island.

Stand up paddle boarding in the ocean.

Try Paddleboarding on the ocean next summer!

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