What’s New at Robin Hood this Fall

We are excited about several projects currently being worked on at Robin Hood this Fall:

Renovated soccer fields We are renovating the fields down in camp and up by the Infirmary. Our goal is have fields grow thicker grass, fill any and all bald spots, and smooth the fields where possible. Since the end of camp we have hauled more than 15 truckloads of fertile top soil, planted more than 400 pounds of Kentucky blue grass and spent several hundred man hours to improve our fields. We are restricted by strict conservation zoning laws that regulate what we can do with our field down in camp due to it being so close to the lake but are less restricted at our Infirmary field. We hope the effort will result in better quality playing fields.



Re-Roofing of Stutely/Sherwood and Warrenton cabins

Stutely Roof1

New wooden Archery backstop

Archery Wall photo

New Infirmary A new Infirmary site is being prepared down in camp to be located among the Girls cabins between Bernice and the Arrivals & Departure building. Construction is scheduled to begin toward the end of October.


Keep us posted on what’s new with you this Fall!

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