2017 NYC Camper Reunion

Congratulations to the loyal Robin Hooders who battled New York Marathon traffic to attend the Annual NYC Camper Reunion Bowling and Ping Pong party. It was great to see: Malachy Guzman (and parents Robert and Roseanne); Teddy Nelson; Sebastian Finger; Sebastian Wood (and dad Ned); Pablo Navarro; Leyla Ziemba (and parents Robin and John); James “Table Tennis Champion” Danziger; James “Farlinsky” Farley (and mom Chele); and Lucia Simonian (and mom Carolina).

James Danziger, James Farley and Pablo Navarro all bowled strikes and Jon Pelz captured the action on our Snapchat “Strikecam”! Everyone had also had a fun time playing table tennis and billiards. Thank you to Jon for helping run the reunion.

2017 NYC Camper Reunion

Most campers were wearing some form of Robin Hood clothing, which put a smile on my face. All attending campers earned a Boston Whaler trip to Camden Harbor next summer! –Rick Littlefield

James, Malachy and James

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