Latest COVID-19 Statement

After much careful thought, detailed consideration, consultation with camp parents, medical staff, and Maine authorities, we have decided to open Robin Hood with an opening day of Sunday, July 5. We will have a six week season ending Sunday, August 16. Our tuition refund date has been extended until June 15, 2020.

I encourage you to take into consideration the details of our plan to make Robin Hood safe. The entire time campers are with us, they will experience a fun, joyful, healthy, and safe quarantine. Campers and counselors will stay on our expansive property while we are in session.

Refund/re-enroll date We are extending the window to pay tuition, or request a refund of tuition you have already paid, until June 15, 2020. If you are interested in Robin Hood for this summer, we ask you to be in touch by June 1, for planning purposes.

Invitation to speak directly with me: I encourage you to book a personal conversation with me to answer any questions and concerns you may have. You can book the conversation  online at this link: Meet with Rick Littlefield.

Staff quarantine: Counselors will be quarantined 14 days before campers arrive and will be required to prove testing negative before arrival. If a staffer displays any symptoms, they will be isolated, and not be allowed re-entry into the community until testing negative.

Testing:  Campers will also be required to prove negative testing results before arrival to camp. Testing is evolving quickly and access to rapid and more accurate testing should evolve in the next two months before camp begins. Robin Hood will have test kits on site at camp.

Social distancing: All beds will be more than six feet apart with an empty bed barrier between them. Camp will be significantly smaller. Social distancing protocols will be in place to enter and sit in the dining room unless restrictions have been modified by the authorities.

Sanitization: Buildings, surfaces, bathrooms, and showers will be sanitized constantly. Thorough hand washing will be required and closely monitored by staff many times per day.

Children have been isolated from friends and fun for many weeks and Robin Hood will be an excellent entry point to experiencing a sense of normalcy.

I ask you to consider my thoughts and I encourage you to call me, FaceTime, or Skype directly to ask questions and address your concerns.

I hope to hear from you and, better yet, see you at camp this summer. -Rick Littlefield

Happy Birthday to our campers who have birthdays in December and January!


Birthday Day Age
Alexander Russell 1 9
Mahku Rimer 2 10
Bob Junqueira 3 15
Beckett Odabash 4 13
Yasmine Habbas 4 10
Assia Habbas 4 10
Franci Tataranni 5 11
Thomas Avellan 5 13
Maddie Gabriele 6 13
Matthew Fanikos 7 10
Hannah Berry 8 12
Isa Possin 8 14
Maya Rouben 8 11
Francesca Lesinski 8 13
Lino Petreanu 8 12
Vera Petreanu 8 10
Nico Lemos 9 14
Moritz Meise 10 16
Chip Paardekooper 11 14
Nina Stahl 12 13
Max Popik 14 13
Rupert Speck 15 8
Helene Webster 15 11
Alan Ornelas 15 12
Lulu Lundeberg 15 13
Olivia Devaux 16 13
Alejo Chegwin 17 11
Eli Tabacinic 17 12
Arthur Fink 19 14
Sofia Escobar 20 11
Cat Mascarenhas 20 14
Maia Costantini Scala 21 13
Will Bishop 24 14
Isa Rezk 24 15
Badr Basini 26 10
Teresa Huete de la Puerta 27 12
Lao Zichy 27 13
Maya Peress 28 14
Eduardo Vilela 28 11
Charles Paolini 30 11
Mads Peter Bulow-Lehnsby 30 16
Este Tejpaul 31 13
Eva Mathieu 31 12
Lorenzo Kauffmann 31 12


Birthday Day Age
Umberto Degli 1 13
Harry Van Geens 1 12
Luca Jacobs 4 14
Grace Livingstone 5 16
Ferdi Barth 5 14
Isabel Torres E Torres 5 16
JC De Sa Cavalcante 6 12
Zal Rimer 6 13
Lucia Losada 7 16
Wells McDonald 9 12
Teo Ribeiro 9 11
Anik Seth 10 14
Tony Junqueira 11 11
Mike Pastor 14 16
Declan Hart-Syed 15 9
Ria Parekh 16 15
Taz Tazartes 17 12
Emilia Losada 18 12
Mia Hurder 18 9
Joseph Polo 18 15
George Marks 19 14
Pietro Pignatti 19 16
Maximilien Paul 23 13
James Farley 25 13
Sofi Lemos 26 11
Wieger Meeuwis 26 12
Caitlyn Brown 27 14
Gemma Fox 30 12
Zain Lakhaney 30 14

Happy Birthday to our campers who have birthdays in November!


Birthday Day Age
Will Leon 2 13
Francis Bayly 2 14
India Campbell 3 14
Graham Leeman 4 11
Annabel Jackson 5 15
Andres Posada 6 13
Jaky Bellotti 6 13
Hein Hessing 6 14
Fay Paardekooper 7 12
Vivi Siano 7 14
Clementine Warren 7 14
Carli Duenas 8 13
Nacho Abucham 8 10
Jamie Schneider 9 13
Ben Balodis 11 14
Lexi Balodis 11 14
Miguel Ferraz de Camargo 11 10
Alexandra Solomon 13 12
Henrique Junqueira 13 13
Cami Alzetta 14 14
Adriana Pastor 14 14
Gea Valentino 15 15
Dante Marsili 15 11
Jim Webster 28 14
Safira Chatwal 16 13
Emilio Palomino 17 12
Nadim Cook 18 15
Isabella Gardiner 21 14
Joaquim Martins 22 13
Noah Kelly 24 10
Matteo Dreesmann 26 12
Matilde Caracciolo 26 16
Jack Bresnahan 27 10
Alexa Duenas 27 12
Marc Rodes 27 13
Santi Croes 28 13
Oliver Nigen 28 12
Cole Lehman 29 11
Peter Viti 29 15
Sam Packer 29 13
Audrey Aston 30 10



 Week 1

1st Overall Boys Solo Paddleboard Marcus Mattitia
1st Overall Boys Solo Kayak Bruno Abucham
1st Overall Boys Team Canoe Gonzalo Rojas, Luis Huete De La Puerta , Sacha Hood
1st Overall Boys Team Paddleboard Leo Dubner, Benjamin Matitia1st Overall Girls Team Kayak Blair Bartlett, Emilia Pfeifler

1st Junior Boys Solo Kayak Emilio Palomino Jimenez
2nd Junior Boys Solo Kayak Miguel Camargo

1st Middler Boys Solo Paddleboard Marcus Mattitia 
1st Middler Boys Solo Kayak Guilherme Petrilli

1st Senior Boys Solo Kayak Bruno Abucham 
2nd Senior Boys Solo Kayak Roberto Junqueira 


Week 5

1st Overall Boys Solo Kayak James Underwood

1st Overall Girls Solo Crew Julia Chermat Rumilly
1st Overall Girls Team Canoe Maddy Barakett, Desiree Karlstromer

1st Overall Mixed Team Canoe Alva Fink, Arthur Fink, Emma Mendoza

1st Middler Boys Solo Kayak James Underwood
2nd Middler Boys Solo Kayak Orian Tittman
1st Middler Boys Team Canoe Marc Rodes, Max Popik, Luca Jacobs
1st Middler Boys Team Kayak Matias Hood, Luca Barrata

1st Middler Girls Team Canoe Maddy Barakett, Desiree Karlstromer
1st Middler Girls Team Crew Sam Packer, Charlotte Coffey
1st Middler Girls Team Double Paddleboard Ava Berry, Sofia McGoey
2nd Middler Girls Team Double Paddleboard Caitlyn Brown, Lulu Aguettant
3rd Middler Girls Team Double Paddleboard Ava Kilmurray, Nolwenn Bourg
1st Middler Girls Team Triple Paddleboard Hannah Berry, Carlota Rodes, Leyla Ziemba

1st Middler Mixed Team Canoe Alva Fink, Arthur Fink, Emma Mendoza

1st Senior Boys Solo Paddleboard Anton Dreesman
2nd Senior Boys Solo Kayak Carlos Lopez
3rd Senior Boys Solo Paddleboard Max Lomans
1st Senior Boys Team Canoe Marco Vittone, Tassilo Boecker
2nd Senior Boys Team Canoe Anik Seth, Shiv Shamdasani, Hein Hessing
3rd Senior Boys Team Canoe Cruz Ramirez, Gordon Hargraves, Will Bishop

1st Senior Girls Solo Crew Alex Van Wyk

Week 3

1st Overall Boys Miguel Quinones
1st Overall Girls Olivia Torres

2nd Overall Boys Sacha Hood
2nd Overall Girls Anna Antignac + Sienna Tejpaul

3rd Overall Boys Julian De Jesus Gonzalez
3rd Overall Girls Matilde Nola

1st Boys Junior Felipe Zelmanovits
2nd Boys Junior Eric Bartunek

1st Girls Junior Anais Paul
2nd Girls Junior Margaux Comfort
3rd Girls Junior Jessica Gregg

1st Boys Middler Ale Deane
2nd Boys Middler Will Leon
3rd Boys Middler Camilo Rezk

1st Girls Middler Anna Antignac
2nd Girls Middler Matilde Nola
3rd Girls Middler Lulu Lundeberg

1st Boys Senior Miguel Quinones
2nd Boys Senior Sacha Hood
3rd Boys Senior Julian De Jesus Gonzalez

1st Girls Senior Olivia Torres
2nd Girls Senior Sienna Tejpaul
3rd Girls Senior Mimi Light

Olympia Antignac
Nathalie Gregg
Savannah Mahoney
Safira Chatwal
Charlotte Bishop
Izzy Abdallah
Pedro Nobrega
Fred Junqueira
Andres Posada
Este Tejpaul
Carmen Losada
Alberta Casagrande
Matilde Caracciolo di Melito
Sebastian Wood
Mariana Guerrero
Mati Bacs
Olivia Devaux
Avery Brooker
Maia Luke
Francis Bayly
Felipe Soriano
Eden Mahoney
Francesca Lesinski
Santi Croes
Carolina Vilela
Zain Lakhaney
Carolina Vilela
Sajid Cohen

Week 6

The One Day Bagaduce River Canoe Challenge is a grueling 12 hour paddling challenge that only the most determined and dedicated campers qualify to take on. Finishing the Bagaduce Challenge is a remarkable accomplishment and those paddlers able to finish deserve to feel exceptionally proud of themselves and deserve special recognition. Congratulations!

Alva Fink
Amaya Gemaladdine
Coleman Hayes
Emma Mendoza
James Underwood
Juan Guilarte
Maddy Barakett
Marco Vittone
Orian Tittmann
Tassilo Boecker
Tim De Boer
Winslow Van Vacas


Week 3

The One Day Bagaduce River Canoe Challenge is a grueling 12 hour paddling challenge that only the most determined and dedicated campers qualify to take on. Finishing the Bagaduce Challenge is a remarkable accomplishment and those paddlers able to finish deserve to feel exceptionally proud of themselves and deserve special recognition. Congratulations!

Bob Junqueira
Bruno Abucham
Gonzalo Rojas
Maddy Barakett
Maximillien Paul
Nadim Cook
Nicolas Ibarra
Oliver Nigen
Rodolphe Boidevezi
Santiago Croes
Will Leon

Luca Baratta
Jackie Holtzer
Luis Huete de la Puerta

Week 6

1st Overall Iron Man James Underwood 2 hour 37 min 42 sec
2nd Overall Iron Man Faaris Zuberi 3 hour 9 min 45 sec
3rd Overall Iron Man Lorenzo Marsili 3 hour 10 min 9 sec
1st Overall Iron Woman Alexa Balodis 3 hour 56 min 16 sec
2nd Overall Iron Woman Hannah Berry 4 hour 25 min 50 sec

Iron Man Oliver Nigen 4 hour 31 min
Iron Man Dante Marsili 3 hour 49 min 23 sec
Iron Man Andreas Elstrom 4 hour 13 min 12 sec
Iron Man James Farley 5 hour 37 min 45 sec

Week 5

1st Overall Boys James Underwood

1st Overall Girls Julia Chermat Rumilly

2nd Overall Boys Lorenzo Marsili
2nd Overall Girls Fay Paardekooper

3rd Overall Boys Chip Paardekooper
3rd Overall Girls Nina Stahl

1st Boys Junior Oliver Nigen
2nd Boys Junior Max Possin
3rd Boys Junior Taylor Underwood

1st Boys Middler James Underwood
2nd Boys Middler Lorenzo Marsili
3rd Boys Middler Marc Rodes

1st Girls Middler Fay Paardekooper
2nd Girls Middler Nina Stahl
3rd Girls Middler Carlota Rodes

1st Boys Senior Chip Paardekooper
2nd Boys Senior Carlos Lopez
3rd Boys Senior Arthur Fink

1st Girls Senior Julia Chermat Rumilly
2nd Girls Senior Alex Van Wyk
3rd Girls Senior Ava Berry

Hein Hessing
Max Popik
Anik Seth
Hannah Berry
Lucia Immordino

Pushed a kayak
Cami Rezk
Thomas Avellan


H 35° : L 25°