First camper reunions of the season!

We kicked off our world reunion party season tour Sunday, November 11 in New York City and hosted a lively Miami Bowling and Sushi Reunion on December 2. Next up: NYC Camper’s Council Reunion, NYC Annual Skating Party, and planned Camper Reunions in Bogota, Sao Paulo, London, Paris, Gstaad, Monaco, and Madrid!

NYC Camper Reunion Bowling Party

New York City Bowling Reunion

I wish to thank the following campers and staff for making the NYC Bowling Reunion party especially fun: Jon Pelz, Pablo Navarro, James Danziger, Malachy Guzman, Teddy Nelson, Sebastian Finger, Xander Ferguson, Somers Harvey, Gabby Ostad, Cole and Luke Lehman, William Leon, Carlos & Sebastian Lopez, Nick Aston, and Declan Hart-Syed. I hope I didn’t leave anybody out! It was awesome to see RH white hoodies on Somers, Malachy, Teddy, James, Pablo, Carlos and Sebastian. Even better I was proud to see the warm and welcoming greetings many veteran campers extended to the new campers.

Miami Camper Reunion Bowling and Sushi Party

Ricky and Cami Alzetta, Thomas and Nicholas Avellan, Ale Elawa, Lucas Velarde, Olivia Torres and Juan de Fex at the Miami Bowling Reunion.

In 85 degree Miami heat and humidity on December 2, Ale Elwaw masterfully bowled his way to victory in a tight battle with Andres Alvarez to win a lobster dinner. Cami Alzetta, Olivia Torres, Ricky and Felix Oriol all wore RH uniform hoodies and earned lobster dinners this summer. Ricky Alzetta earned special recognition for his impressive display of sushi eating skills! I have never seen any person eat so much sushi so quickly in my lifetime. For Ricky’s remarkable performance he will be taken for a special Sushi dinner at Shimbashi in Ellsworth this summer.

Thank you also to Lucas Velarde, Juan Felipe de Fex, Thomas and Nicholas Avellan, and Jake Meyer who all made the effort to attend the reunion. I also had the pleasure to see the famously talkative Jack Dodds at his house in Coral Gables. Ricky and Felix Oriol won the Long Distance (and Persistence) Award for driving the farthest for the reunion and earned lobsters for their efforts.

Jake Meyer, Ricky and Felix Oriol at the Miami Bowling Reunion.


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