Greens Win the Year!

The closeness of the Green/ Scarlet teams scores were so close that it required multiple recounts to determine the winner.  Greens won Nottingham Fair Day and this proved to be the difference maker. Congratulations to Greens Captains Faaris Zuberi and Majo Colmenarez and Lieutenants Emel Zuberi, Anis Basini, Ava Kilmurray, Andreas Elstrom, Leyla Ziemba and Winslow Van Vacas.

Congratulations also to Scarlets Captains Ben Steiner and Rita Grinfeder, as well as Lieutenants Alejandro Alvarez, Fifi Steiner, Jeronimo Marsili, Adriana Pastor, Dante Marsili, and Hannah Berry. -Rick Littlefield


H 35° : L 25°