Highlights of Summer 2016

With another spectacular summer on the lake and by the sea behind us, the following highlights immediately come to mind:

-Watching campers on stilts joyfully racing across the ballfield

1-img_3249-Witnessing James Danziger and Lea Nussbaumer unicycling 8.2 miles during Around the Lake Challenge


-Seeing 26 exhausted but proud paddlers complete the 12+ hour grueling Bagaduce River Canoe Challenge

1-img_4980-On Nottingham Fair Day, being amazed by six time Wakeboard World Champion Dean Lavelle completing three flips on a wakeboard– while being pulled by a horse running on Windsurf Beach

-Watching 225 campers complete the 8.2 mile Around the Lake Challenge and 150+ campers complete the Across the Lake 3 mile swim Challenge. Witnessing challenge by choice: never have so many campers reached deep within them selves to discover the determination to take on and conquer major physical challenges. Seeing their proud faces of deep self-satisfaction after taking on challenges was priceless


-Starting the day on a positive note with the many creative and funny Outpost cabin chants inspired by Mitch Hunt

-Enjoying weekly memorable talent show performances by brave campers and counselors

-Posting our first truly viral videos– “We Can’t Stop This Robin Hood Feeling” and “A Day in the Life at Robin Hood” conceived and created by the Daniel Valle Magana, Harvey Woods and Lukas Wiegmann (Click here for link to videos.)

-Launching our first Waterski & Wakeboard Academies

-Seeing record participation in the Golf, Tennis, Soccer, and Squash Academies

It was a memorable 89th season full of countless highlights and are looking forward to an outstanding 90th season in 2017! -Rick Littlefield

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