Latest COVID-19 Statement

After much careful thought, detailed consideration, consultation with camp parents, medical staff, and Maine authorities, we have decided to open Robin Hood with an opening day of Sunday, July 5. We will have a six week season ending Sunday, August 16. Our tuition refund date has been extended until June 15, 2020.

I encourage you to take into consideration the details of our plan to make Robin Hood safe. The entire time campers are with us, they will experience a fun, joyful, healthy, and safe quarantine. Campers and counselors will stay on our expansive property while we are in session.

Refund/re-enroll date We are extending the window to pay tuition, or request a refund of tuition you have already paid, until June 15, 2020. If you are interested in Robin Hood for this summer, we ask you to be in touch by June 1, for planning purposes.

Invitation to speak directly with me: I encourage you to book a personal conversation with me to answer any questions and concerns you may have. You can book the conversation  online at this link: Meet with Rick Littlefield.

Staff quarantine: Counselors will be quarantined 14 days before campers arrive and will be required to prove testing negative before arrival. If a staffer displays any symptoms, they will be isolated, and not be allowed re-entry into the community until testing negative.

Testing:  Campers will also be required to prove negative testing results before arrival to camp. Testing is evolving quickly and access to rapid and more accurate testing should evolve in the next two months before camp begins. Robin Hood will have test kits on site at camp.

Social distancing: All beds will be more than six feet apart with an empty bed barrier between them. Camp will be significantly smaller. Social distancing protocols will be in place to enter and sit in the dining room unless restrictions have been modified by the authorities.

Sanitization: Buildings, surfaces, bathrooms, and showers will be sanitized constantly. Thorough hand washing will be required and closely monitored by staff many times per day.

Children have been isolated from friends and fun for many weeks and Robin Hood will be an excellent entry point to experiencing a sense of normalcy.

I ask you to consider my thoughts and I encourage you to call me, FaceTime, or Skype directly to ask questions and address your concerns.

I hope to hear from you and, better yet, see you at camp this summer. -Rick Littlefield


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