What’s New For 2017


No sooner does camp end that we begin plotting and scheming to improve RH for next year. These are some of the projects we are committed to:

-Two boys’ cabins and one girls’ cabin have already been re-roofed.

-The dining room floor is in the process of being completely re-tiled.

-We have purchased a 2016 Moomba Wakeboard/Wakesurf boat.


New 2016 Moomba Wakeboard/Wakesurf boat

-A new boys’ shower house will be built ON THE HILL by next summer.

-The girls’ shower house is being made bigger.

-A new girls’ cabin to be named “Nella” begins construction in October! (FYI: In Robin Hood lore, Nella is the sherrif’s daughter and the woman Will Stutely is in love with.)


-New and additional shelving is being added to two to three more girls’ cabins.

We’ll keep you in the loop as these plans progress and as exciting program ideas evolve! -Rick Littlefield

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