What’s New for 2018

Improving Robin Hood every year is a personal obsession carefully considered each fall. What can be done to further enhance our already dynamic program? What new and meaningful challenges can we add to inspire campers to further reach outside their comfort zones? 

How can we improve our grounds, buildings and infrastructure?

Program improvements already underway:

Basketball Court: Expansion and re-Paving Our new basketball court (in the same location) will be nine feet longer and three feet wider. The added size of the court will give a boost to our basketball program and also enhance our skateboarding, rip-stick and badminton programs. Street hockey will also be added to the activity schedule.

Handsome is the first to play ball on our new basketball court!

Bubble Soccer Activity Enhancement: Campers will be able to play Bubble Soccer more frequently thanks to the addition of a large storage shed by the upper soccer field that will allow bubble balls to be inflated and deflated in less than half the current time.

More Bubble Soccer games in 2018

Mountain Biking: Our fleet of mountain bikes will grow in anticipation of greater interest thanks to the development of more local trails this fall and newly discovered trails in nearby Holbrook Island Sanctuary. Combined with our in-camp mountain biking obstacle course and Acadia National Park biking trips, mountain biking should grow in popularity.

Waterfront Landscaping: You will be surprised and impressed by the much greener look along our waterfront area and the addition of a cleared picnic table area to the right of Campfire Beach toward Davis Lodge.

New walkway to the Waterfront

New Swim and Canoe Beach:  Below our new picnic table area on the waterfront side of Davis Lodge will be a walkway leading down to a small sand beach to be used for swimming and will be where our canoes will be relocated.

New enhancements planned for 2018:

Wakeboard Dock and Runway: A larger dock will be built this spring to better accommodate the popularity of the wakeboard program. Also, the dock runway will have enhanced stability thanks to adding a heavy steel support system identical to our main runway.

New Waterski Boat: We will be shopping for a new waterski boat this off-season.

A new waterski boat will be added in 2018

Fishing Dock: You want to go Fishin’? Fishing has never been better, so we will be locating a dedicated fishing dock off our waterfront by Opening Day. The bass fishing on Parker Pond, the Penobscot River, Snake Pond, and Walker Pond was terrific this summer. We also had excellent fly fishing instruction. The State of Maine has begun to stock Walker Pond with brown trout for our fly fishermen to fish for this coming summer.

There will be a new fishing dock next summer

We will send you updates and pictures as work progresses and also announce additional exciting planned improvements to Robin Hood with our next newsletter and through social media. –Rick Littlefield


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